One of the issues I have with writing is that it's a solitary existence. My neighbors tease me about my car that never leaves my driveway. “But we’re here for you!” chime the voices of characters in my head. Yes, but it’s not the same as having a tangible person to bounce ideas off. I almost said “real” person and the chorus of “But we’re real!” started up. Yes…well, which was why it was so lovely to have co-written a new series with Kris Michaels…*she says in a whisper*…who is, you know, a really real person. Phew. *wipes sweat off her brow* Got away with that one.

So, okay, let me say this up front: I LOVE MY CO-AUTHOR. She's witty and funny and brilliant and creative and has the work ethic of twelve oxen. She types 125,000 words a day, works on three books at a time and understands Facebook for heaven's sake.

I'm none of those things ... or am only sporadically. I'm plodding and boring and logical and a grammar nerd. If you want to know where to put a comma, ask me. Dangling participle? I'm your huckleberry. Dubious contributions to be sure. But, for some reason, we work well together. The best of all though, is that I feel like I have a partner. I'm not so alone. Kris sparks my creativity and makes it easy to write. I feel like I can go forth and conquer the world!

BUT! None of that addresses what prompted this blog in the first place. Kris and I are getting ready to release our first co-authored (I feel there should be fireworks or something here) book in the new Everlight series, An Evidence of Magic. Kris calls it Dirty Harry meets Harry Potter + down and dirty sex. Works for me.  It's a M/M crime procedural that takes place in an alternate universe. Many things will be familiar, but there's a lot of weird going on too. Kris was responsible for the familiar. I took charge of the weird, cause, yeah...I do weird. It's my "hood" so to speak. Here's the book trailer with a little more information packaged in a sexy mash up of words and pictures and music. 

If this trips your trigger, here's a buy link to Amazon, although it's available through Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and Troll River Publications.  ONE NOTE about the Troll River Publications version: IT HAS A RATHER FUNNY INTERVIEW with Kris and I in the back of the book. 

I hope you have just as much fun reading it as we had writing it! If you do love it, please leave a review. This will insure Amazon doesn't bury us on the bottom behind the 5,000,000 cook books they publish every month. 



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