Available January 2018

Book One in the

"Heirs & Spares" series



Lady Eleanor Russell needed a husband. Immediately. With her father’s death imminent and no male heir to be found, her ancestral home, with its famous Thoroughbred racing stable and 100,000 acres of surrounding villages and tenant farms, would revert to the Crown. But no man in his right mind would choose an unattractive, outspoken, thirty-year-old spinster of strong opinions and stubborn independence to be his bride. Well, she’d buy a husband—and send him on his way.

An impoverished third son of a duke, Lord Miles Everleigh, tall, elegant and immensely handsome, relied on the generosity of his friends and the kindness of wealthy widows to keep himself clothed, housed and fed. That he was well-spoken and congenial won him acceptance into the highest of social circles—and into the beds of the most influential women. But his was a lifestyle that wore on a man’s self-respect; he was not the male whore his step-brother had named him.

When Lady Eleanor Russell “bought” Lord Miles Everleigh as a husband, she never intended to lose her heart. When he accepted her proposal, Lord Miles never imagined he’d want more from Lady Eleanor than her money.