A New Genre

~ Historical Romance~

I have always had a love for historical romance, particularly of the Regency Period. I suppose it started with the innocent but oh, so witty writings of Georgette Heyer in my early teens. Mom and I used to revel in each new title and discussed them ad nauseam, reading the parts we especially liked out loud. It was an innocent mother/daughter pleasure that I miss. I think both of us were budding Anglophiles. When we took a trip to Great Britain together, we reveled in the knowledge that we were treading the same ground as many of our book heroines and a picture of "Gretna Green" held special significance. Our love of Regency romance was a bond that never left us.

When I began my career as an author, one of the genres that fascinated me was erotic paranormal romance--much to my mother's chagrin. While she was proud I was a published author and bought everything I wrote (though I am not certain she has READ them...and I'm not going to ask) she really couldn't tell her bridge group about me. I heard frequent requests from her to "write a Regency". I always replied that I didn't think I was up to the challenge. With Georgette Heyer as the bar, how could I possibly write something "worthy"? Well...I got the bug and Eleanor and Miles simply wouldn't shut up! So...this entire series (I think there will be at least three books) is dedicated to Mary Belle Knight, my much beloved mother. Mom...I've finally written something you can share with your bridge group. 


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